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This rate increased to around 265,000 in 1970. As of 2006, however, the prison population has skyrocketed to a mind blowing 2. 4 million. Are citizens today becoming increasingly reluctant to call the police and report criminal activity?One can hold out hope for a reformed criminal population and cleaner streets, but it is unlikely that the entire criminal population of the country remains behind bars. Major topics like the legalization of abortion are said to have had a significant impact on the level of reported crimes. The arrests of those performing illegal abortions no longer occurred after it was made legal, and some argue this impacted the crime rate. However, this argument does not account for the decline in property crime. The only legislation change that could have affected all rates of criminal activity was the implementation of the ‘three strikes’ law, which was enacted in 1993. Even with this three strikes policy in place, however, the bottoming out of burglary statistics did not occur until many years later. It seems that this is not a likely scenario either. Many people use the terms burglary and robbery interchangeably, but there is a significant difference.

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Let me breakdown why so many Americans own this rifle and why this is on my list. A . 22 rifle is one of the least expensive firearms to purchase. I recently bought a . 22 for $110 at Wal Mart. It has a 10 round detachable magazine and a black synthetic stock.